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Groupe scolaire La Salle Saint JosephGroupe scolaire La Salle St-Joseph Argentré-du-Plessis

A day in Jersey

We went to Jersey by boat. On the boat we could go on the deck to look at the sea and take pictures. When we arrived, we asked for our itinary to people in the street. After, we had lunch in the market with other groups. Then we continued in the market where we looked for the names of fruit and vegetables. There are a lot of kinds of fruit and vegetables. There was a bakery, a florist too…
We did english games for fun: it was good ! After this cool moment, we did interviews about jobs in Jersey. We had free time for the shopping in Queen Street and King street. To finish, we went to « Les jardins de la mer». We saw Elizabeth castle. It's so beautiful !
At the end of the fabulous day, we were very tired !
Louna, Sarah and Anne-Lucie 5C

First, we went on the boat named « Condor Ferries ». This big white boat had a deck where we had a good time, it was fun because we got all the wind in the face and the landscapes were beautiful. On this boat, there were shops where we can buy souvenirs but there was also a restaurant and a multitude of seats for passengers. After our arrival we walked in the streets of St Hélier to find buildings or statues. We liked this activity but it was a bit long.Then we went to the market. This one was very big and colorful. There were many fruit and vegetables as well as some sweets, flowers and souvenirs. There was a bakery that sells English cakes such as rolls, donuts, carrots cakes and French things like bread. We also had free time there to visit. At noon we ate at the fish market because of bad weather.  In the afternoon, we interviewed people about their jobs. The bookseller at the Waterstones store was very kind. After the interviews we had free time to go shopping, buy souvenirs for our family. Finally, we had a last free time at the beach of Jersey. We found it beautiful we took the oppurtunity to take pictures. 
We liked this day a lot and we had fun !
Carla, Tiffany, Jade.S, Jade.H   5°C

First, after  the tourist office we went to the market. In the market , there were a fish market, a bakery and a florist. There were many fruit and vegetables. We had free time and we bought a dessert for our lunch.
Then, we went to Queen Street to interview people about their jobs, it was very funny !
Later, we learnt that 1€ = 1,20£. For our free time, we walked to Queen street with our friends to buy souvenirs. 
Behind the beach, there was a castle, we took  pictures because it was beautiful. We ate and played in the sand.
Finally, we went on the deck of the boat but it was windy. We ate our dinner.
It was an amazing day !!!!!!!!
Maria Héry, Iloé Géraud, Romane Fadier and Chloé Lecomte 5A


Boat : The name of the boat was Condor Ferries. We could move on the boat, the shop of the boat is a Duty Free Shop.
Library : We went in the big library, we could read and look at the books.
Market : We went to the market, we had free-time, we did shopping for lunch and looked at the fountain.
Howard Davis Park : We went to Howard Davis Park for lunch, we had free time and after we played mini games.
Queen Street : We went in Queen Street, it's a big street. There were many shops and we did interviews about jobs.
Constantine, Solène, Mathieu and Lucas from 5F. 

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